Turn On Your Ears
My Adventures as a Duck

Book Description

This story is told by a young girl named Annie. Her grandfather's home is her school house. Her grandfather is her teacher.

One day after school, Annie meets a toad named Ike in her grandfather's garden. That night her grandfather leaves on a sailing ship. Annie and Ike attempt to follow him in a small boat. They fall asleep and lose track of him during the night. They wake up the next day to find a world filled with many unusual creatures.

As she tries to find her grandfather, she meets many of these creatures. Some are good. Some are bad. Some have lost their minds. A few are evil.

In her first escape from evil, Annie makes friends with several creatures who then travel with her. Her main companions are Crazy Tina Turkey, Henry Horse, and Rita Reindeer.

Along the way, she meets many other creatures and people. Some help her. Some slow her down. A few cause her to change direction.

Near the end of the third day, she finds the sailing ship and her grandfather. She and her friends join him in a battle against an evil army.

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Turn On Your Ears


"It was great!" - Nancy

"I loved it!" - Jill

"I bought two copies, one for each of my nieces." - Vickie